Yuye Zhang


School of Computer Science / Class of 2014

I am a junior Computer Science major at Carnegie Mellon University, with minors in Computational Finance and Machine Learning.

Technology changes lives. I am especially interested in applications of computer technology which complement and revolutionize human lives for the better.

Growing up in China, the world's fastest-growing major economy, I have seen numerous cases where technologies, such as business information systems and financial solutions, could be applied to achieve even greater utility gains.

Computers can be taught to learn, analyze and assist humans in decision-making, or even make intelligent decisions for us. Currently, I am particularly interested in the application of technology in financial decision-making.


Computer Science

15-892 Foundations of Electronic Marketplaces (F'13) *
10-601 Machine Learning (F'12)
15-451 Algorithm Design and Analysis (S'12)
15-410 Operating System Design and Implementation (F'13) *
15-381 Artificial Intelligence (F'12)
15-317 Constructive Logic (F'13) *
15-291 Special Topic: Applied Computational Intelligence Lab (F'13) *
15-251 Great Theoretical Ideas in Computer Science (S'11)
15-213 Introduction to Computer Systems (F'11)
15-210 Parallel and Sequential Data Structures and Algorithms (F'11)
15-150 Functional Programming (S'11)
15-122 Principles of Imperative Computation (F'10)

Humanities and Arts

85-251 Personality (S'13)
15-221 Technical Communication for Computer Scientists (F'12)
73-200 Intermediate Macroeconomics (S'12)
57-173 Survey of Western Music History (F'13) *
73-150 Intermediate Microeconomics (F'11)
73-100 Principles of Economics (S'11)
76-101 Interpretation and Argument (S'11)
76-100 Reading and Writing for an Academic Context (F'10)

Financial Engineering / Mathematics

21-420 Continuous-Time Finance (S'13)
36-410 Introduction to Probability Modeling (S'13)
36-402 Advanced Data Analysis (S'13)
36-401 Modern Regression (F'12)
21-370 Discrete-Time Finance (F'12)
21-369 Numerical Methods (F'12)
21-325 Probability (F'11)
36-315 Statistical Graphics and Visualization (S'13)
21-301 Combinatorics (F'11)
21-270 Introduction to Mathematical Finance (S'12)
21-260 Differential Equations (F'11)
21-259 Calculus in Three Dimensions (F'10)
21-241 Matrix Algebra (S'11)
36-226 Introduction to Statistical Inference (S'12)
21-127 Concepts of Mathematics (F'10)
21-126 Introduction to Mathematical Software (S'12)

Natural Sciences

33-131 Matter & Interactions (F'10)
03-121 Modern Biology (S'13)
33-112 Physics II for Science Students (S'13)
33-104 Experimental Physics (S'11)

* Planned courses

As of Summer 2013, I have maintained a cumulative GPA of 4.00.

Resume / Contact Information

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